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Thank You

Thank You for hiring your GPS tracker from us; We are the UK's favourite GPS Tracking provider for trackers that can be used on Sports Events, Scouting and Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Your tracker will normally be dispatched on a Tuesday before your expedition, unless requested to us otherwise. It will be delivered in line with your selected delivery option.


We will setup a tracking map using your provided information, and share it with you. If you have not yet send us your expedition information, please share any or all of the following as you decide appropriate:

 As a minimum. Your start and finish locations, you can also optionally send one or many GPX files (i.e exported from E DofE or any map application) for each tracker, and they can contain checkpoints, i.e CP1:name, CP2:name etc if you wish

 You can share to 3 x mobile phone numbers which will receive SOS messages in the event of  SOS activiation

 Please take a look at our instruction video to see more about how the tracking solution works


Tracking Instruction video


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