Track Groups Easily
Track Groups Easily

All Tracker models
All Tracker models

Expedition group
Expedition group

Track Groups Easily
Track Groups Easily


GPS Trackers that can be used for Duke of Edinburgh  Expeditions

Scout Expeditions, or any kind of Event; hike, bike, car, boat 

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Track Expeditions Easily

  • Hire or Purchase

  • Simple to use

  • Small /lightweight

  • Enhance safety

  • SOS Features

  • Locate groups, save time

Track from any device

  • Latest maps from OS 

  • No software required

  • Works on mobile / tablets / PC

  • or receive SMS updates on demand

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  • We are the leading provider of trackers

  • The lowest cost system, the easiest to use, and the best

  • Trusted by thousands of schools, Scout groups, AAPs, and event organisers

  • Licenced Ordnance Survey Partner

  • Can optionally accept routes from e DofE, or OS Maps online

  • Fastest location updates (up to 15 seconds)

  • Suitable for remote UK or Worldwide use 

  • GPS traces recorded for later review

  • Free out of hours phone support and expert advice

A world-class, next-generation tracking platform to enhance your expedition experience

1000x tracker hire stock

 for the 2021 season! 

We have an affordable solution for GPS Trackers that can be used for Scouting and Duke of Edinburgh expeditions


Events Tracking Ltd is part of the Beyond Marathon group. Since 2009, we hire and sell GPS trackers devices for use in Challenges and Expeditions.  We are the leading GPS provider to schools and businesses in the UK. We are trusted by thousands of schools, Scout groups, AAPs and event organisers. We also hire to Expeditions, Hiking, cycling and walking challenges and events all over the globe. We are licensed partners of Ordnance Survey. We specialise in Event, Scouting and Duke of Edinburgh GPS Tracking.

We operate a highly-secure tracking website. We have resilient servers in various parts of the UK. Our servers automatically scale for the very large expeditions and events.  We can hire 1000 or more trackers out at any one time, and we often handle dozens of simultaneous expeditions every day.  Our websites frequently handles over a hundreds of thousands of hits in a weeeknd. We can answer your calls at the weekends, to support your expedition when you most need it. We do not have maintenance contracts, and there is no special software to download. Our system just works, and it's easy to use.


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