GPS Tracker Hire or Purchase

 Hire Costs

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GSM Tracker Hire

1-3 days use


(cost each)

1 to 9: £15

10-99: £12 

100+ : £10 

4-7 days use

Gold expeds

(cost each)

1 to 9: £30

10-99: £25 

100+ : £20 

2 weeks use

(cost each)

1 to 9: £45

10-99: £40 

100+ : £30

1 month use

(cost each)

1 to 9: £60

10-99: £55

100+ : £40

SPOT Tracker Hire

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1-3 days use


(cost each)

1-9: £25

10-99: £20 


4-7 days use

Gold Expeds

(cost each)

1-9: £35

10-99: £30 


2 weeks use


(cost each)

1-9: £65

10-99: £60 


1 month use


(cost each)

1-9: £100

10-99: £95 


Iridium Tracker Hire

Garmin InReach

Iridium Tracker

per week £45

2 weeks £80

1 month £ 140


2019:Viewing your tracker location on OS map licence costs £1.50 per tracker, per hire. Google maps is no extra cost.

From 2020: Viewing your location on Google maps will cost £1.00 per tracker. OS cost remains the same

GPS Tracker Purchase and ongoing Costs

GSM Tracker

On a Monthly plan

Purchase Cost: £125.00

Annual Fees: N/A

Monthly Costs 


Data: £8.00

Optional monthly

OS Maps: £1.50

For month's not in use, the contract can be "hibernated" for £1.00 per device per month"

All costs are per device

SPOT Tracker

on an Annual Plan

Purchase Cost: £140.00

Activation Fee**: £25.00

Yearly Fee:  £175.00



Optional yearly costs:

OS Maps: £60.00

** One time cost

Registration to GEOS international emergency rescue service is £20 per year

SPOT Tracker

on Monthly Plan

Purchase Cost: £140.00

Activation Fee**: £25.00

Yearly Flex Plan:  £35.00

Monthly Cost:   £20.00

Optional monthly:

OS Maps: £5.00

** One time cost

Yearly flex plan fee is payale once per year

Registration to GEOS international emergency rescue service is £20 per year

Delivery Costs

Here at Expedition Tracking, we have a clear and transparent pricing model. We believe in fair pricing that both means we have a sustainable business, and that your organisation pays no more than you should be. We believe our prices can't be beaten, when you factor into account the capabilities that our tracking system offers, combined with the excellent level of customer service you can expect from us, before, during and after your expedition.  We are always happy to receive your comments.  If you believe you can get comparative quality tracking from someone else for less, we would love to here about it. We are so confident that you will be impressed with our tracking system, that if you are not happy about the service you receive, we will not invoice you for your expedition.  

Expedition GPS Tracking

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