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tracking DofE groups from your mobile

OS Data@ Crown Copyright and database 2022


  • Instantly locate groups

  • SOS features

  • Accurate speed and ETAs

  • Playback recorded routes

  • Direction of travel shown

Duke of Edinburgh Tracking

GPS Trackers for Scout Events

Cadets and Forces Expeditions

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Easy to use

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Long battery life 

  • Live, reliable location updates

  • Expert advice for tracker choice

  • SPOT, LTE, Garmin and Zoleo. Let us advise which is best for your needs

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Detailed Mapping

Ordnance Survey

 1:250 to 1:25,000


Satellite View


GPS Tracking mobile.jpg

Password Protected

Overlay routes from OS or eDofE

Show campsites

Meeting points

No limit on viewers

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