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Garmin inReach Trackers: Staying Connected in the Wild

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Garmin inReach models

In today's world of constant connectivity, it can be unsettling to expedition or visit truly remote areas where mobile phone coverage is nonexistent. For those who expedition, work or play in these off-the-grid environments, Garmin inReach trackers offer a lifeline of communication, safety, and peace of mind. We hire and sell these devices and they are some of our most in demand trackers. Whilst they are not frequently used for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions in bronze or silver areas, some customers hire them for Gold expeditions, to get the peace of mind that the two-way SMS communications brings when in remote mountain areas.

Garmin inReach trackers are satellite communication devices that utilise the powerful Iridium satellite network to provide two-way text messaging, location tracking, and emergency SOS alerting, even in the most remote corners of the globe. Whether you're organising an expedition it an extremley remote area (Cairngorms or parts of Brecon are good examples), or maybe you're are an avid backpacker, a professional working in remote areas, or simply someone who enjoys exploring the wilderness, Garmin inReach trackers can be your essential and potentially lifesaving device.

Features and New Models

Garmin offers a range of inReach trackers to suit various needs and preferences. Two of the latest models are the inReach Mini2 and the inReach 67i. The Mini 2 stands out for their compact size, versatile features, and user-friendly design, and the 67i for built in mapping and navigation functions.

hire inreach mini 2
Garmin inReach mini 2

The inReach Mini2 is the smallest and lightest inReach tracker, making it an ideal choice for backpackers, hikers, and anyone who values portability. Despite its compact size, it packs a powerful punch, offering two-way text messaging, location tracking, and SOS alerting.

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Garmin inReach 67i

The inReach 67i takes the inReach experience to the next level with its GPS navigation, and preloaded TOPO maps. Whether you're navigating unfamiliar terrain or need to stay in two-way contact, the inReach 67i is a comprehensive companion.

hire inreach messenger
inReach Messenger

We also have a small fleet of inReach Messenger trackers to hire. While primarily deisgn to connect to your mobile phone so you can seemlessly message from your mobile phone even when in a non-mobile-signal area, the Messenger also operates in the same way as all other inReach devices as a tracker, sending one data point usually at 10 minute intervaks.

Common Use Cases

Garmin inReach trackers are invaluable companions for various outdoor activities and professions:

  • Backpacking and Hiking: For those who venture into remote backcountry trails, inReach trackers provide peace of mind with their reliable communication and emergency SOS capabilities.

  • Overlanding and Off-roading: Whether exploring rugged trails or traversing remote wilderness, inReach trackers keep off-road enthusiasts connected and safe.

  • Remote Expeditions: If you are venturing into extensive remote areas, you can rely on inReach trackers for staying in touch, tracking locayourtion, and sending emergency alerts if needed.

  • Boating and Kayaking: Boaters and kayakers who venture beyond cell phone range can stay connected with loved ones and receive weather updates with inReach trackers.

  • Working in Remote Areas: Professionals working in remote locations, such as geologists, surveyors, and park rangers, can use inReach trackers to stay in touch with colleagues, report their whereabouts, and receive emergency assistance in case of accidents or injuries.

Battery Life Considerations

Battery life is an essential factor when choosing an inReach tracker, especially for extended expeditions. The battery life of each device varies depending on usage patterns and features. The inReach Mini2 offers up to 14 days of battery life in tracking mode and up to 4 days in messaging mode. The inReach 67i provides up to 20 days of battery life in tracking mode and up to 7 days in messaging mode.

Pros and Cons

Garmin inReach trackers offer a wealth of benefits, making them a valuable asset for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals:


  • Reliable satellite communication even in remote areas

  • Two-way text messaging for staying connected with loved ones or colleagues

  • Location tracking for peace of mind and sharing your whereabouts with others

  • SOS alerting for emergency situations

  • Compact and lightweight designs for easy portability

  • Long-lasting battery life for extended expeditions


  • They are the most expensive to own and operate compared to other GPS devices

  • Require a monthly/yearly service plan for messaging and emergency SOS features

  • Some models lack built-in navigation capabilities (i.e. the Mini or Mini 2 do not have navigation)

  • They have a very high IP rating to withstand rain, and storms, but if used on water a dry bag is still recommended and they are not fully waterproof.

Hire vs purchase

inReach devices are expensive to buy and operate. From £300 to £600+ to buy, and around £40 a month (minimum) to operate on a flex contract, you would have to be using the device many times a year to be able to justify ownership.

If you want to hire inReach tracker that is likely the most viable option for most. Prices are around £50 per week to hire inreaches from us, and that includes the cost of the monthly subscription and some messaging credits.


In comparison to a SPOT tracker, they are considerably more reliable with 3 times as many satelites in the Iridium constellation copared to the Globalstar (Spot). This translates into a tracker with 100% global coverage, and it sends data more reliably and can cope with more tree canopy than the SPOT.

Garmin inReach trackers are a game-changer for those who venture into remote areas offering a lifeline of communication, safety, and peace of mind. With their reliable satellite technology, versatile features, and long-lasting battery life, Garmin inReach trackers are essential companions for outdoor adventurers, professionals working in remote locations, and anyone seeking peace of mind when venturing beyond mobile phone coverage.

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