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Confused about which tracker you need?
Let us help

We are not tied to one manufacturer

We can offer impartial advice based on your expedition locations

All trackers use satellites to determine their location

How they transmit their location is where they differ:

  • Some transmit via mobile networks

  • Others transmit via satellite​

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"If your expeditions are mainly in the UK, in areas such as the national parks; Dartmoor, Exmoor, the Lakes or Peaks then our best-in-class LTE trackers will almost always give you the most reliable performance and cost the least to hire or purchase.

If your expeditions are exclusively in the most remote parts the Scottish Highlands, in the valleys of Brecon Beacons (Bannau Brycheiniog), valleys of Snowdonia (Eyri), valley of Borrowdale, then Zoleo or SPOT trackers may better suited.

For remote overseas expeditions, very UK remote locations, or where you need two-way SMS as well as 100% global coverage, then choose Zoleo or inReach

LTE Trackers

Best for UK Expeditions

Transmits using ALL mobile networks

Uses multiple bands (2G, LTE, IoT). They work even in places where your mobile phone may not.


Lightweight; 90 grams

Location update every 2 minutes

6-day battery life - USB-C rechargable

£15 to hire for a 3-day expedition


Purchase option

Tracker cost  - £125.00

Subscription - £9.50 per month used (PAYG)

SPOT Trackers

Best for remote parts of Scotland and Wales

Transmit via line of sight satellite

  (forest/tree canopy will limit performance)

150 grams

Location update every 5 minutes

4 x AAA batteries (1-2 weeks life)

£25 to hire for a 3-day expedition


Purchase option

Tracker cost  - £125.00

Subscription - £20.50 per month

(Activation and flex fees may apply)

Best for very remote or global Expeditions

Transmit via satellite (Iridium network)

100% global coverage


100 grams - 220 grams

Location update every 6 - 10 minutes

2-way SMS (inReach)

Maps & navigation (inReach Explorer+, 66i)

Weather/marine updates (cost per message)

2 to 14 day battery (recharges via USB)

£40/£45 to hire for a one week


Purchase option

Tracker cost  - £150.00 - £550.00

Subscription - £22.5 - £40 per month

(Activation and flex fees may apply)

We took three models out for a walk to see how they perfomed alongside each other. View the video to see the result.

*Update frequency shown is based on the standard tariffs for each model

Iridium and SPOT can update as quickly (SPOT 2.5 mins, Iridium 2 mins) for additional premium cost. GSM can update as quickly as once every 10 seconds for additional cost. SPOT highly recommends that you use only non-rechargeable Energizer™ Ultimate 4 x L92 AAA Lithium Batteries, or NH12 batteries, to achieve reliable performance.

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