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100% Global Coverage

Hire inReach Explorer

Most expeditions use LTE trackers for expeditions in the UK.  However, maybe you have a expedition heading somewhere more remote, typically abroad, and need that extra level of assurance. If so, then you'll want to hire one of our Garmin inReach devices. They use Iridium, the World’s largest tracker satellite network that provides 100 percent global coverage with no fringe zones or blackout areas. This is because Iridium has 75 active low Earth orbit satellites (with several spares in orbit). Globalstar (SPOT) has only 24.

We hire inReach Mini, Explorer+, inReach Messenger and GPSMap 66i devices. The Mini's have no screen but can connect to your mobile phone for messaging and navigation.  The Explorer and 66i devices are full-featured GPS tracking devices, but are also packed with lots of extra features to keep your expedition safe and in-contact.  With inReach satellite technology, your expedition members can send and receive messages, as well as track and share their journey.


inReach trackers are considered superior to SPOT trackers. inReach's 2-way communication technology allows your expedition members to send and receive messages and emails from group leaders, family, friends and the search & rescue service— so you’re continually updated. They also feature weather reports (cost per message on demand, billed in arrears)

If you encounter risky situation in a remote location or offshore, inReach quickly becomes the most valuable tool in your expedition survival kit. It provides global, interactive SOS capabilities — and that means the group are able to trigger a distress signal. Receive a delivery confirmation and get in touch with the global emergency monitoring centre (IERCC) by 2-way text conversation and receive professional advice on what to do and confirmation that help is on the way IERCC is standing by 24/7 to assist with your emergency, track your expedition location and will stay in communication with you until your situation is resolved. The costs of any rescue are not covered by hiring a device, so ensure you have the right insurance cover.

If required, our inReach Explorer, and 66i devices can also provide satellite navigation, as the devices because they come pre-loaded with base maps.

We hire out our inReach devices per week. Contact us to check availability for your expedition dates and hire out of these devices.  They are in-demand so early reservation is recommended. Hire includes

Unlimited SOS Messages 

Text Messages:       10 per week

Preset Messages:     Unlimited

Tracking Intervals:   10 minute updates

Tracking Points:       Unlimited

Location Pings:       Unlimited


Extra Messages (each) £1.00

Weather messages £1.50 each

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